Cold Spoons Gelato is a locally owned and operated gelateria located on Milwaukee’s West side.  We proudly produce all of our gelati and sorbetti on site using only the freshest fruits and finest ingredients.  Our gelati are made in small batches that same day to ensure the highest quality and freshest gelato available to our customers.

In an effort to support our local community and fellow Wisconsin businesses, we are proud to use Sassy Cow Creamery milk.  Sassy Cow is made only with high quality, farm-fresh, rBGH-free milk. 

Cold Spoons Gelato has a variety of delicious gelati and sorbetti to choose from.  From classic to custom flavors, we can enhance any menu. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a frozen dessert experience like no other;
our product is our passion, and the flavors speak for themselves.

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